Eco Symbol

More and more people these days think of nature and the environment; they do something about it and it is increasingly important. This also means that there will be an increasing demand for environment-friendly products.

Eggs in shell

Silicon products; especially for household products, this is requested more and more often. It looks attractive, is easy to clean and durable.

Coffee mug

Mugs of combined earthenware and silicone. These mugs can also be supplied double-walled, keeping cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot. By using the handy lid, they can also easily be taken along in, for example, the car.


Bamboo is durable, lightweight and strong! Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants of the earth and is used for a range of different applications. This makes bamboo one of the most versatile and durable resources in the world.

Silicon herb jars

Here, you see three small silicon jars that could, for example, become a collection. Included are seeds for herbs normally used in the kitchen. This way, a trendy product is combined with natural things for the kitchen and in the kitchen.

Felt cover for the iPad

What is felt, and why is it so special? Felt is 100% natural, cradle-to-cradle (source certified), recyclable, sound-dampening, fire retardant and reasonably dirt repellent. This makes felt an increasingly desired material.

Handsfree mobile phone holder

Soon it probably will be forbidden to call handheld on a bike. It is unsafe and increases the chance on an accident…. Alpha Impex has THE solution for this particular problem. A mobile phone holder that can be mounted on the steer of the bike. Handsfree calling or listening to music through the amplifier, ensures... Lees verder »

Glow in the dark gloves

Do you want attention at a party or with halloween? These gloves will do the trick! It become easier to integrate fluorescent material into clothes.

I am recycled!

There are more and more technics to produce ECO friendly and recycled premiums. For example the bags made of recycled PET bottles.

Magic speaker

This is the new item. It works wireless, without wifi or bluetooth and makes an incredable sound. You can use it with each phone which have an external speaker.