Alpha Impex is longstanding supported by companies to meet their marketing goals. We are a full-service organisation; we are result-oriented and dedicated to supplying premiums for every application. And we have done this for over 25 years already! We are one of Europe’s largest importers of premiums and promotional products. This makes us a strong partner for large (inter)national promotions.

Alpha Impex is part of the Koopman International Groep. Koopman International is a reputable mercantile house that trades in over 20,000 different non-food consumer products world-wide. Because of this cooperation, Alpha Impex benefits from, among other things, good purchase discounts by purchasing products from the Far East together.

Alpha Impex never compromises when it comes to quality. Every production run starts with a prototype that is tested against the strictest safety requirements by an independent, acknowledged laboratory. Every shipment is inspected, and it is only shipped out after it receives a “passed” report. We use one single carrier and one single point of contact, which allows us to know where exactly the products are at any given time.

This makes Alpha Impex the partner of choice for you!